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The Society sponsors a peer-reviewed Journal, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, published by Elsevier Science, and available to members of the Society as a benefit of annual dues.

The Journal publishes scientific reports and monographs that warrant to have measured what they assert to have measured, that are concerned with hypotheses tested under controlled experimental conditions, that present data adequate to justify conclusions as free as conceivable of experimental, ideological, social, and other biases, and that pledge to fully share data with those who may seek to reproduce the results. Parallel principles apply to articles meant to analyze, review, and interpret the significance of other studies. In its 25th year of publication, the Journal publishes reports from regulatory and other government agencies, the regulated industries, academic and other parties interested in regulation from around the world.

The Journal is assisted by an Editorial Board of distinguished academicians, scientists currently or formerly in government, industry and other scientists, lawyers and policy specialists, and by more than 600 international scientists who generously assist in the journalís peer-review process.  

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