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The purpose of the Society is to provide an open public forum for policy makers and scientists promoting sound toxicologic and pharmacologic science as a basis for regulation affecting human safety and health, and the environment.

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Our History

The journal RTP first appeared in June 1981 with an opening editorial by Fred Coulston and Albert Kolbye, and articles from John Frawley, Jeff Carr, James Smeets of the EU, and the Nobelist Joshua Lederberg. The announced scope of the journal was to converge and facilitate exchanges and understanding among scientists, regulators, and he regulated industries.

The Society itself was formed on November 26, 1984. Sixty-four charter members formed the Society. The society was incorporated in Washington D.C. on January 4, 1985.

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David G. Sarvadi (2023-2024)

Vice President
Michael Dourson (2024-2026)

Jay M. Ansell (2022-2024)

Manojit Basu (2017-2020)

Administrative Manager
Allen C. Weidman


Grayson Abele (2023-2027)

Christopher A. Bates (2024-2028)

Christopher J. Borgert (2021-2025)

Gary J. Burin (2023-2027)

Neeraja Erraguntla (2020-2024)

David Fischer (2021-2025)

Elaine L. Freeman (2020-2024)

Katelyn Hall (2024-2028)

Devon W. Hill (2024-2028)

James E. Klaunig (2021-2025)

Council Cont’d

Arthur J. Miller (2020-2024)

Tami McMullin (2024-2028)

Nadia Moore (2023-2027)

Muna Nahar (2024-2028)

Leslie Patton (2024-2025)

Dennis Paustenbach (2024-2027)

Antony Pavel(2020-2024)

Ben Trump (2021-2025)

Tricia Underwood (2024-2027)